Supplies of oil products

Oil products: diesel fuel, petrol, fuel oil, aviation kerosene, petroleum coke, bitumen

INTEGRUM provides wholesale deliveries of oil and refining products.
Including direct deliveries of diesel and fuel oil from major manufacturers of the Russian Federation. We optimize logistics costs and provide a comprehensive fuel supply service.

We cooperate with the largest oil refineries, so all of our products are high-quality and environmentally friendly, fully consistent with international standards.
Each batch is accompanied by a set of official documentation that confirms the quality of the fuel.

Our orientation to proven European standards has provided us with a reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality fuel suitable for various equipment.
At the same time, the pricing policy of our company remains unchanged – we strive to provide all potential buyers of oil products with the necessary products in the right amount.

Our prices are formed solely by market conditions, which allows for a flexible pricing policy.

Fuels and lubricants are dangerous goods, therefore, the transportation of petroleum products should be carried out only by specialized vehicles and in compliance with all safety precautions.
Transportation of petroleum products is a challenge for professionals. INTEGRUM guarantees its customers timely and safe delivery of diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene and other petroleum products.

These features allow you to comfortably and safely transport your cargo to anywhere in the world.

Supplies of metal products

Metal ore, metals and rolled metal, fittings

Metal products are something without which no production can be imagined.
One of the main tasks facing enterprise managers is to find reliable suppliers of metal products and conclude a supply agreement with them. Moreover, these suppliers must deliver products that comply with accepted norms and standards.

INTEGRUM Holding has extensive experience in the direct supplies of metal ores, metals and metal products.

Our services:

Deliveries of rolled metal directly from industrial plants: Mechel, Severstal, Evraz, TEM, NLMK grade, etc

Services for transshipment of products through our warehouse (unloading-loading of railway carriages, unloading-loading of cars)

Delivery of products to anywhere in the world

Our holding also offers a wide assortment of various types of pipes and pipeline parts: seamless or gas-welded pipes, flanges, bends, adapters, tees, etc. We have established cooperation with leading Russian manufacturers in this industry and can offer customers products whose quality is confirmed by certificates.

Prompt service and execution of orders, an individual approach to customers, attractive sales conditions – these are the main advantages of working with INTEGRUM.

Equipment supplies

The supply of industrial equipment for the oil and gas industry is one of the main activities of the INTEGRUM holding.

Advanced equipment for the oil and gas industry is the key to successful production and high-quality processing of resources. Recently, the gas and oil products market has changed significantly: the capacity of mining has grown, companies have adapted to constantly changing technologies for oil and gas processing, and the quality of the initial products has become an order of magnitude higher. Due to the constantly growing requirements for technical equipment, its manufacturers have made significant progress in the production of equipment for the industry. All this has led to global changes in the relevant sector. Both production technologies and methods for cleaning impurities as well as the equipment for the oil and gas industry have changed.

INTEGRUM supplies oil and gas equipment, accessories, turnkey installation of facilities, starting with simple building materials to sophisticated technological equipment for the oil and gas industry. While working as a supplier of industrial equipment, our holding has established itself as a partner with a reliable reputation, clear and understandable operating principles and relevant types of products for the needs of the oil and gas and metallurgical industries.
The delivered products are intended for the development of integrated solutions in the field of automation of technological processes, fully meets modern market requirements and regulatory documentation, has all the necessary certificates for use in hazardous production facilities.

Our goal is to do everything necessary to ensure a speedy and complete solution to the tasks set: from selection to delivery to the warehouse of fully stocked equipment. All supplied equipment has quality certificates and meets international standards.

Our work principles:

All equipment is delivered as soon as possible

Flexible pricing

Large base of manufacturing partners around the world

Proven and fast logistics channels

Complete control of the delivery process and equipment inspection

We are engaged in the search and marketing of manufacturers and the latest developments in the field of oil and gas equipment

We cooperate with world leading manufacturers and suppliers of oil and gas equipment

The range of our services covers all types of supplies for the construction of oil, gas and condensate production and processing facilities, as well as engineering, from the development of a technical and commercial offer to the stage of commissioning of the facility.

Preliminarily, at the stage of preparing the proposal, all the necessary installation parameters are agreed upon, our choice or desire by the Customer for a specific technology, the amount of its hardware design within the installation, and many other details.

The development of optimal process technology, design, installation and its assembly is carried out at the company’s production facilities, from components of leading world manufacturers.

The equipment is delivered “turnkey” – on site our specialists will carry out its installation, carry out commissioning, configure the instrumentation and automation system, connect it to the existing facility management system and train staff.

If necessary, all equipment for the processing of hydrocarbons can be supplied with spare parts, consumables, related devices and after-sales service by our employees.

Consulting services

INTEGRUM Holding provides its clients with consulting and marketing services in the oil, gas and metal processing industries.

In the process of fulfilling the varying complexity of orders and projects of our customers, we have accumulated extensive experience in logistic and management solutions, which we are ready to share with our partners and customers.

Consulting and marketing services provided by INTEGRUM Holding specialists are based on our many years of experience in the oil, gas and metal industries. The team of analysts and marketers of INTEGRUM continuously monitors all the news and changes in the markets of oil, gas, metalworking and other related industries. This allows us to collect, process, organize and analyze relevant information in the field of research and to develop and apply the most effective marketing strategies.

Our Services:

Selection and implementation of new technologies to increase efficiency.
Constant analysis and study of new products in the oil, gas and core industries allow us to develop a set of measures for customers to improve the efficiency of the service, drilling and oil and gas companies of partners, which makes them more competitive and advanced in the market

Provision of services for independent technical and economic analysis of the market for oil and gas equipment manufacturers for customer companies in order to increase financial efficiency from the use of equipment for the medium and long term (2-5 years)

Services to promote equipment in new markets (new companies, new countries, new regions). Adaptation of the product and marketing strategy of promotion to the characteristics of the market

Development of marketing strategies