About holding


The international holding INTEGRUM carries out wholesale and retail deliveries of oil and refining products, as well as direct deliveries of metal ores, metals and rolled metal. Today, INTEGRUM is a reliable holding company with strong partnerships, successfully operating in the market for the supply of fuels and lubricants.

The head office of the holding is located in Dubai (UAE), branches are in Moscow (Russia) and in Budapest (Hungary). Taking into account the peculiarities of the geographical coverage of the activities of our current and potential partners and customers, we made it a rule to work without restrictions on geography. We deliver the products we sell to anywhere in the world, regardless of the complexity of the route and the distance to the destination.

Partners of INTEGRUM holding are leading corporations in the field of oil production, oil refining, metalworking industry of the Russian Federation, such as Rosneft, Lukoil, Severstal, NLMK and others.

Lines of business of the Holding

We carry out wholesale and retail deliveries of oil and refining products.
The key areas of the holding’s specialization are wholesale of petroleum products without intermediaries. We offer an expanded list of services for the delivery and transshipment of oil products.

We provide a full range of services in the metalworking industry.

Deliveries of metal rolling directly from industrial plants: Mechel, Severstal, Evraz, TEM, NLMK grade, etc.

Product transshipment services through its warehouse.

Supplies of industrial equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Consulting and marketing services in the oil, gas and metalworking industries.


Benefits of working with the holding INTEGRUM


expanded assortment, competitive prices, operational processing and execution of incoming orders

direct fuel supplies from the manufacturer, cooperation with large refineries (Taneco, Lukoil, Bashneft, Gazprom Neft, TNK, Rosneft and others)

supplies of rolled metal directly from industrial plants: Mechel, Severstal, Evraz, TEM, NLMK grade, etc

established logistics system

strict observance of delivery dates, provision of product quality certificates

We value the time of our customers and value our reputation, therefore we are aimed at building long-term, productive relationships.
We have clear, honest and transparent schemes of work, the absence of hidden payments, the ability to supply products according to an individual settlement scheme with a convenient payment method.
All products sold comply with quality indicators, state standards, international environmental safety regulations.

Holding Management

Tymofii Breus

Commercial Director

Zsolt Vladar

Commercial director

Pavel Klimenko


Anton Grekhov

Commercial director